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Refractory Failure Analysis

The JT Thorpe International (JTTI) engineers and project managers use sound engineering principles as well as their wealth of experience in each refractory failure analysis. Within the JTTI organization there are industry experts whose knowledge can be leveraged throughout the entire organization. There is a system of communication within the organization to share the design failures and design success stories in each industry. If you have a unique problem, JTTI will get the appropriate industry or refractory engineering expertise to help solve that problem.

A large number of the JTTI project managers came from the industries that we service

Therefore, some project managers can use their practical operating experience to help analyze failures.

Since JTTI is a major player in so many industries (Gasification, Refining, Cement, Power, Metals, Incineration, Copper, etc.), our engineers and project managers can bring experience in one industry and use it in another. For example, failure mechanisms experienced in certain industries may be rare in another. Whether it is a thermal mechanical issue, start up/ dry out issue or a material selection problem, JTTI has the experience and engineering expertise to analyze and solve your problem.