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JT Thorpe International (JTTI) engineers are constantly kept abreast of the material specifications and innovations, enhancements and changes by Suppliers around the globe. Material successes and failures are shared though out the QIG organization via our internal communication system.

JTTI’s product design capability and proprietary products are available to meet project needs.

JTTI is exceptionally good at figuring out new ways to solve complex refractory issues.

JTTI engineers are continually informed on material science, including refractory materials and anchoring systems. JTTI engineers attend various profession seminars put on by manufacturers and others to enhance their knowledge.

JTTI brings its technical knowledge, knowledge of product availability and experience to each project it performs. When there are not any materials specifications in place, JTTI initiates its own specification to qualify materials. In addition to this JTTI confirms that the products have performed “as advertised.”