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JT Thorpe International, Inc. (JTTI) employs a broad spectrum of engineers in Mechanical, Ceramic, Civil, Metallurgical, Chemical and Materials engineering disciplines to meet the analysis, design and construction needs of our customers.

Early in the design and engineering phase, before your project is started, JTTI provides all-important consultation to discover issues with past performance and/or current desires to offer competent solutions. JTTI’s truly unique because it offers hundreds of years of practical experience, via its extensive project base, in combination with fundamental engineering principles to solve problems.

For most projects, engineered drawings are produced containing detailed instructions on material selection and construction methods.

We incorporate detailed installation procedures, design specifications and quality control measures to ensure that the installation meets our and the customer’s requirements.

JTTI engineers use engineering and construction principles to manage projects reducing on-site construction time and control costs.


With the completion of the engineering, material specification and supply, JTTI knows that project performance is critical to customer success.

Our projects are run by top Project Managers, Engineers and a Quality Control Team to ensure that the work completed meets the standards of the engineered design.

JTTI Project Teams work with local resources in accordance with the skill levels locally available.

JTTI Manages its projects for:

  • Quality Control
  • Schedule Compliance
  • Budget reliability
  • Safety


JTTI’s extensive resources in management and supervision provide the skills necessary to meet the project goals. We maintain extensive skilled refractory Management and supervision professionals, unparalleled in the industry. All key individuals are pre-qualified to the task at hand.

JTTI surveys the local area resources for labor and equipment providers to perform the installation work under JTTI project management and quality control.

JTTI supplements needed skills, supervision and equipment to make sure the project is completed safely, on-time, on-budget and with the JTTI standards of quality.