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Brokk Demolition Services

JT Thorpe International (JTTI) provides Brokk machines ranging from a Brokk 90 to a Brokk 330 for our customer’s robotic demolition (tear out) and concrete breaking/removal needs. JTTI’s experienced operators have multiple machines for a broad range of applications, from large kilns to furnaces with small man ways for access. With 108 years in the refractory industry, JTTI can advise and provide the best demolition strategy for the required application.

Advantages of Brokk Demolition:

  • High productivity
  • Lower overall project cost
  • Increases safety of personnel
  • Multiple applications


Hydro Demolition Services

JTTI provides refractory removal of high strength abrasion resistant refractories using High Pressure water. In many applications, this process is the safest lowest cost alternative to refractory demolition. This is ideal for transfer lines, risers, studded tubes in other difficult to remove areas.

Oil Refining, Power Generation, Steel Mills, Pulp and Paper Mills, Foundries, Mineral Processing, Copper and Incineration

JTTI provides refractory maintenance for the industrial marketplace throughout North America. JTTI’s clients benefit from JTTI’s innovative solutions to difficult refractory problems. Hydro demolition is another arrow in JTTI’s quiver of innovative solutions for the traditionally difficult issue of demolition of vibration castable in riser lines. Recently, JTTI removed 60 lineal feet x 7 foot diameter x 5” thick coked up vibration castable in days rather than weeks. The man hour reduction due the mechanized hydro-demolition equipment saved thousands of hours of turnaround time and 10 days on the turnaround not to mention dramatically reduced the risk for injury. This is a net result of literally millions of dollars in operational savings compared to the performing this scope in the traditional chipping gun manner. This unique safe removal process does not damage the steel or the anchors. However, you may need to bend the anchors back the their original position after the process. Let JTTI provide you with a solution to meet your requirements today.