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Auto CAD sampleJT Thorpe International’s (JTTI) service is supported by JT Thorpe’s engineering and Computer Aided Design capabilities. Our library of proven designs and ability to create designs based upon field analysis and office engineering is extensive.

Our CAD services allow us to clearly and quickly communicate with our Customers and fields construction sites regarding our designs.

Most JTTI Project Mangers can manipulate our drawings in the field to make modifications if required.

JTTI has standard operating procedure for its Computer Aided Design (CAD) work.

“As-Built” drawing are created as the conclusion of our projects.

JTTI builds new plants but also maintains existing plants. JTTI uses AutoCAD for all of its new and existing plant refractory designs. Often JTTI is modifying existing refractory designs and will draw the existing unit, showing all detailed changes on CAD. Frequently CAD is used to illustrate the constructability of different projects as well as to present design options.

On certain large projects, JTTI has set up websites or FTP sites to allow for ease of access to CAD drawings for remote offices, customers, and CAD designers. This type of site allows for real-time changes and comments during on-going, complex design projects.