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Case Study: Gasification of Municipal Waste Products

This project is known as the Tees Valley Energy from Waste Project. It involves plasma gasification of municipal waste. The process illustration is shown below:



Quantum International Group was selected from numerous competitors, both domestically and in Europe to Develop, Design, Supply and Install the Refractory System for this prototype project. Subsequently Quantum has been awarded a second similar project.

The project involved extreme temperatures (>1500C) and highly corrosive conditions, gasifying a wide range of waste products. The product being gasified is municipal waste. The potential chemical reactants are extensive. QIG developed by technical analysis and experimentation its own products to meet the strenuous needs of this application

In addition to the refractory design and supply QIG researched numerous alloys to meet the stringent requirement for the support structure of the refractory, ultimately using a selection of alloys to meet the specific requirement within the zones of the unit.


Completed Gasifier Brickwork


Shown below, test samples of Chrome Alumina (> 90% Chromium(III) oxide with phosphoric acid)
Minimal Degradation; 5 hours @ 1700C


Alkaline Gasifier Slag Exposure
Minimal Degradation; 5 hours @ 1700C


Special Support Shape in Slag Zone


Support Shelves in Slag Zone


Gasifier Vessel Being Installed at Site


air-products-anchor-installRefactory and Anchor Installation in Gasifier