JT Thorpe International (JTTI) is Committed to Safety

The Terra Millennium Corporation (TMC) group supports and interacts with business opportunities within the group of companies. The TMC group is currently the largest refractory design/build group in North America.

With Safety as a “Core Value” the TMC companies live what they preach. We demand and maintain safe working environments for our employees. From the TMC CEO down to the subsidiary field workers, we care about and take all measures to maintain the safety and well-being or our workers.

JT Thorpe supplies engineering, project management and skilled craftsman to JTTI.

QIG Refractory Services Include:

  • Design and Specification
  • Supply (we have a broad spectrum of JTTI materials, along with domestic and international suppliers, bring the optimum value materials to each project)
  • Installation (refractory, scaffolding, limited mechanical) Subcontracted or direct
  • Turnkey fabrication and refractory lining of equipment
  • Single Source responsibility (we eliminate “finger pointing”)
  • Ability to subcontract ancillary services such as Scaffolding, Thermal Dryout, etc.