JTTI/JTT has designed and built many turnkey projects for various industries.

JTTI/JTT employees a staff of experienced multi-disciplined engineers to work together in the design and detailing of projects. Attached is an engineer experience list. Our engineers include Ceramic, Mechanical, Chemical, Materials, Civil, Metallurgical and Construction engineering disciplines.

JTTI is not aligned with any specific refractory manufacturer. This is “key” to our ability to design and select the most appropriate products for the application. We bring the “best” solutions from a material standpoint to our customers as opposed to those who have the “in-house” products to sell.

The award shown above involved the Sulpher Trains and other related equipment that JTT, performed at the Shell Athabasca Oil Sands Downstream Project. This award was only given out to the top 1% of contactors. On this project our responsibility included designing from scratch Upgrader Process equipment containing refractory for value and reliability. We were awarded the HMU and SRU trains on a “Turnkey” basis to include design, material supply and installation. JTTI will now be performing this work going forward as it has been performing international work for the TMC group since 2003.